CJHL to implement reduction of 20-year-olds, commencing with upcoming 2018-19 season

CALGARY, Alta. – The Canadian Junior Hockey League’s Board of Governors announced today an initiative to reduce the number of 20-year-old players allowed to compete, commencing with the approaching 2018-19 regular season.

These steps will be implemented over the course of a three-year plan, which has been formalized by the CJHL Board of Governors.

Currently each of the 10 leagues and 133 teams that comprise the CJHL is permitted to register, and have on their active roster, nine players, in their last year of junior eligibility.

Beginning with the 2018-19 campaign, CJHL clubs will begin to reduce the number of 20-year-olds that will be permitted to register with any one team by one, until the maximum number allowed reaches six, by the commencement of the 2020-21 season.

These roster changes will not prohibit additional 20-year-olds from signing with member clubs as affiliate players.

However, at no time, can the number of 20-year-old players participating in any game exceed the total number allowable for that season.

In discussing the reasoning of this soon-to-be implemented regulation, CJHL Chairman of the Board Kevin Abrams offered these thoughts.

“The CJHL recognizes the importance of player development and advancement to higher levels of play,” stated Abrams.

For his part, CJHL President Brent Ladds echoed the sentiments of Abrams in discussing the implementation of the upcoming changes regarding the number of 20-year-olds on active rosters.

“Providing more on-ice opportunity for players in their prime development-age period, will certainly bode well for their futures and hopefully assist them along the path to their destination,” offered Ladds.